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Top 10 Underwriting Service Companies - 2021

Underwriting is all about data. Since its inception, people in the insurance professionals have been evaluating data on risk, value, and other factors in order to make their decisions. Today’s underwriters have more variables to contend with, more submissions, more competition, and more data of all kinds to deal with than ever before. That’s why more and more insurance firms are implementing IoT and AI in underwriting.

IoT is transforming the underwriting process. Underwriters are peering directly into an organization’s real-world behavior with access to data provided by connected equipment, “smart” facilities, and telematics from vehicles. This affords a much better perspective of risks and the opportunity to move from periodic, reactive decisions to proactive, continual input. AI, on the other hand, is automating the process and making it lightning-fast. Also, AI-driven underwriting is allowing for a process redesign in the pre-implementation stage, which is effectively introducing standard operating procedures, and building best practices into the underwriting process.

Amid these digital trends, there is a variety of underwriting service providers entering the market to cater to the different needs of enterprises. To help them choose the service that best fits their requirement, Financial Services Review has compiled lists of top underwriting service providers. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Financial Services Review’s “Top 10 Underwriting Service Providers – 2021.”

    Top Underwriting Service Companies

  • For almost 40 years, Total Financial has been a renowned brokerage general agency, and a primary independent resource specialized in underwriting.With just 25 employees spread across the Total Financial enterprise, Diana has ensured that the company is always armed and equipped with all the relevant resourcesneeded to address a multitude of underwriting requirements.

  • AEGIS Insurance Services

    AEGIS Insurance Services

    AEGIS is a leading mutual insurance company that provides liability and property coverage, as well as related risk management services, to the energy industry. The company's policyholders represent virtually the entire energy infrastructure in North America, including electric and natural gas utilities, related energy companies, oil & gas exploration, production companies, water utilities, and transmission & distribution companies. Our energy expertise, combined with a collaborative and fair approach to claims management and specialized loss control services, has set AEGIS apart from commercial insurance companies.

  • AgentCubed


    AgentCubed offers a sales management solution for the insurance industry that provides a complete line of sight to the sales cycle from marketing to member acquisition across all distribution channels. The company achieves this by combining powerful automated lead management and lead distribution engine, a robust CRM, and an agency management platform into a single, easily configured solution. In addition, AgentCubed works with its partner accounts to provide integrated health, ancillary, and medicare quoting, which significantly reduces average enrollment time, especially for its call center clients.

  • AXIS


    AXIS brings the sophistication of a top specialty insurer and global reinsurer and the agility of a firm with entrepreneurial roots. AXIS was built to help its clients and partners navigate the challenges of a volatile world. The company's business strategy is driven by a philosophy that it will win with its partners. AXIS writes business from a position of leadership and relevance in its chosen markets. The company's underwriters are known for their business acumen and technical expertise.

  • Breckenridge Group

    Breckenridge Group

    Breckenridge Group has built a reputation for delivering strategic solutions, insights, perspectives, and support that help its agents, businesses, financial, and carrier partners protect and grow their institutions. The organization's best-in-class companies deliver a range of risk-management products, services, technology, and expertise to inspire results in the most efficient and effective way possible. The company is experienced in critical infrastructure, technology, and compliance practices – yet genuinely entrepreneurial and collaborative in spirit.

  • Brown & Brown Insurance

    Brown & Brown Insurance

    Brown & Brown, Inc. is the fifth largest independent insurance brokerage in the U.S., providing risk management solutions to help protect what its customers value most. The company's four business segments, Retail, National Programs, Wholesale Brokerage, and Services, offer insurance products and services to businesses, corporations, governmental institutions, professional organizations, trade associations, families, and individuals. The Brown & Brown culture is built on integrity, innovation, superior capabilities, and discipline. The company looks at insurance differently and uses its experience, carrier relationships, and principled customer focus to deliver superior service and solutions.

  • Chubb


    Chubb is the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company, serving consumers and companies of all sizes with traditional and specialty insurance products and industry-leading claims and risk engineering services. The company services and pays its claims fairly and promptly. Chubb combines the precision of craftsmanship with decades of experience to conceive, craft, and deliver the very best insurance coverage and service to individuals and families, and businesses of all sizes.

  • CU Direct Connect

    CU Direct Connect

    CU Direct Connect was founded by Colorado credit unions to provide a cutting-edge vehicle lending origination platform and indirect lending program for credit unions and auto dealers. After growing to partner with over 40 credit unions and thousands of auto dealers, CU Direct Connect became part of CU Direct in 2019. Known for the CUDL Indirect Lending Platform, CU Direct connects to over 1,100 credit union lenders and a nationwide auto dealers network of 15,000 dealers. CUDC’s outsourced solutions include indirect lending solutions, full-service loan underwriting, processing and funding, document processing automation, and call center services.

  • Pinnacle Actuarial Resources

    Pinnacle Actuarial Resources

    Pinnacle Actuarial Resources, Inc. is an independent actuarial and management consulting firm that’s large enough to provide a wealth of expertise and world-class solutions— yet small enough to be flexible, timely, and cost-effective. Owned by its professional staff, Pinnacle ranks among the largest property/casualty actuarial firms in North America. The company’s reputation for uncompromising professionalism, expertise, and outstanding service is embodied in our brand Commitment Beyond Numbers.

  • WeGoLook


    WeGoLook combines technology with an on-demand workforce to gather and validate information anytime, anywhere. WeGoLook operates as an independent subsidiary of Crawford & Company with over 130 employees and 45,000 independent contractors dedicated to operations. The company’s agents, known as “Lookers,” collect field data, photos, and video via the WeGoLook mobile app and complete custom taskings, such as item pickup, delivery, document research, and more. WeGoLook specializes in verifying autos, properties, boats, heavy equipment, antiques, electronics, furniture, RV’s, and other assets. WeGoLook has expanded to international markets, including the United Kingdom.

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